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We featured Heidy Model a while back. If you haven’t seen her work, you really need to check it out. Go to: http://www.HeidyModel.com

Go there and you can check out thumbnails of photo shoots and videos of her glamour modeling.

She’s such a young looking petite little woman, she’s great fun to watch.

In this latest update you can see her here bumping and grinding her way into your attention in some short shorts and a training bra. Enjoy the samples but remember, to see and download all of her work, you only need to pay around a dollar a day. A steal deal if you ask me.

Heidy Model ©

Laurita Vellas in Sizzling Cyan

Laurita Vellas in Sizzling Cyan

Laurita Vellas from the TTL Models site excites and bedazzles fans this week with a great update!

Laurita is really coming up as a star in the modeling world and I think she needs her own site to spread her wings and fly.

Great glamour work like this needs it’s own canvas.. Don’t get me wrong, this is one of the reasons I’m subscribed to the TTL Models site, but I’d like to see her more often.

Here’s a link to her profile, http://ttlmodels.com/2011/08/laurita-vellas/

What am I saying??? She DOES have her own site, http://www.LauritaVellas.com

TTL Models ©

Dainty Daniela Florez Makes a Stop in the Stalls

Dainty Daniela Florez Makes a Stop in the Stalls

Hanging with the horses on this occasion, Daniela Florez sports a little sheer nightie with matching thong panties.

Great glamour work here in high def. Her hair looks so long and beautiful, the braid is a nice touch. Lots of great poses and moves.

Always perky in the sheer tops, this one is a delight to study and keeps the mood light and fun. Beautiful back end of course, that’s what she’s famous for. You can study more of her work if you’d like. She’s there 24hrs a day for you at her own site, http://www.DanielaFlorez.com

Daniela Florez ©

Little Louisa Herrera Isn’t So Little Anymore

Little Louisa Herrera Isn’t So Little Anymore

I’m not sure if she’s 15 yet but it’s fine by me. Louisa Herrera is really growing into her own. I’d still love to see her with a solo site. Those beautiful pouty lips and those adorable freckles. She’s like a latin Strawberry Shortcake doll… in see through lingerie.. with an incredible can….Come to think of it, I kind of liked my sister’s Strawberry Shortcake dolls too. hmm…

Sorry, got a little distracted uploading the pictures. As you can see for yourself, her work is well worth a gander.

If you still don’t feel the urge to support this important free speech work, then by all means, click the link and see more of her here, http://ttlmodels.com/2012/10/luisa-herrera/

Freedom isn’t free. To see all of Louisa’s work, it’ll cost around a dollar a day… Which seems like a hell of a deal if you ask me.

TTL Models ©

Andrea’s Assets in Purple Thong / Lingerie

Andrea’s Assets in Purple Thong / Lingerie

Today’s update is dedicated to one of the leading models responsible for the dozens more that follow her lead, the stunning, the beautiful, the 15yo teenager glamour model, Andrea Hernosa.

Sample these pics from work on her solo site, http://www.andreahernosa.com
Flawless skin and just amazing at her craft. You work hard right? Treat yourself today to a little break and feel better.

Andrea can make any stress just melt away. Allow her beauty and free spirit to enhance your life.

You can also see her other work on the TTL site, http://ttlmodels.com/2011/07/andrea-hernosa/

She’s one of the originals, a classic glamour teen model.

Andrea Hernosa ©

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