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Coachella crowds turn out in indio Edt april 14, 2013 Music lovers and the famous fans of the band, including robert pattinson, kristen stewart, lindsay lohan, bono and katy perry, descended on a dusty fields. Musician thomas mars of phoenix crowd surfs at coachella. (Photo:Christopher polk, getty images) Story highlightsusa today caught up with phoenix, jake bugg and tegan and saraamong the celebs seen:Ireland baldwin, paris hilton, vanessa hudgens and audrina patridgethe festival repeats april 19 21 with the cheap ralph lauren shirts same lineupdj walshy fire of major lazer crowd surfs during a performance on april 13 at the 2013 coachella valley music arts festival in Indio, calif. (Photo:Jason kempin, getty images)Indio, calif.The polo fields were dusty and windy, but tens of thousands of skimpily clad music lovers braved the dirt at coachella valley music and arts festival to get a glimpse of their favorite indie musicians(And those performers’ celebrity fans). A few high points from the first weekend, which repeats april 19 21 with the same lineup: Phoenix takes flight:French alt rock foursome phoenix, who are among this year’s headliners, have grown accustomed to coachella, but things didn’t start off smoothly. “Our first coachella in 2006 was our worst show,”Vocalist thomas mars remembers. “We didn’t know the desert.We are french, we have 220 volts, here it’s 110, so nothing worked onstage a fire started.It’s a tough festival to play for young bands. “The band redeemed themselves ralph lauren italia shop line with a strong performance in 2010, which mars counts among their best shows. How would he describe the band’s music? “I wouldn’t put it in one specific genre,”He says. “We grew up in versailles, and there was only one good record store, so we embraced everything.I would pick up albums more for their covers than their genres.So i remember when our first album came out, my grandma wanted to buy it, she went to the store and couldn’t find it.One day it was under ‘international, ‘ the next ‘pop, ‘ one day it was ‘electronic.’ So we were everywhere but nowhere at the same time.Still, i was happy to not be doing dubstep in 136 bpm in the key of g or something like that.Eventually, when you have many albums, it’s a lot easier for people to understand. ” Batty for bugg:In describing his set, 19 year old jake bugg responds with characteristic nonchalance,”I was surprised people came out, actually. “The up and coming nottingham native concedes that while he isn’t very well known yet in the states, back home in england, where his self titled album reached no.1, his fan base is much more rambunctious. “I did a gig and there were maybe like 50 girls screaming outside the tour bus trying to grab me.The whole time i was just thinking, ‘what’s their intention if they do manage to grab hold of me?'” “But it’s fantastic,”He says. “If i wasn’t doing this, i honestly couldn’t tell you what i’d be doing.This is all i’ve ever wanted to do.I never actually thought i would do it., but I dreamt about it so much, I ran it over in my head so many times, it’s kind of all I know, really. ” Xx tra introverted: “In my mind, i only really exist on the internet, so there aren’t really into ralph lauren pas cher soldes any intrusions into my personal life at home in england,”Says bassist oliver sim of publicity shy london band the xx. “In a way, i don’t treat this like real life.We’re in a day and age where if i wanted to find out your favorite pop star’s pet’s name, you could google it in 30 seconds. ” Sim, who counts bandmates romy madley croft and jamie smith among his oldest friends, says,”The biggest misconception of us as a band is that we’re deeply depressed introverts who come offstage and cry in our dressing rooms.I smile!Our first promo pictures, we were 18, and any 18 year old having their picture taken is going to look a bit frowny.But there’s so much to be happy about! ” This summer, the band is organizing its own day long festival, night and day, in portugal and then berlin, featuring a closely curated collection of acts. “We’re organizing everything down to the food and drinks sold.It’s fun.It’s safe to say we’re control freaks, and this festival is exactly what we wanted for a long time. ” Tegan and sara, happy to share the spotlight: “We’re canadian, so we try to be easygoing,”Says identical twin duo tegan and sara of their approach to festivals.The quin twins, who formed their eponymous band in 1995 at age 15, will play their third coachella before embarking on a 2 month tour this summer with we are young singers fun.The duo also recorded a cover of fool to cry for the soundtrack of hbo’s girls, whose creator and star lena dunham is the girlfriend of fun.Guitarist jack antonoff. “You know, the first time that we played coachella, arcade fire had just released the funeral and this was about to be the biggest thing in the universe,”Tegan says. “We were playing right before them and it was great but all i could think was, ‘we have to get off stage so arcade fire can play!’ I felt like they were the christian louboutin outlet most important thing, like ‘ Let’s not take up any extra time, so they can get right on!’ Sure enough, it was a pretty monumental amazing performance for them. ” A punk folk mishap: “If a punk band and a folk band got into a bus accident, that’d be our sound,”Explains al barr, lead singer of the dropkick murphys.Although the band has been together for 17 years, this weekend marked the group’s first coachella performance. “We’re like the band that moves in next door and your lawn dies,”He jokes. “We had to fool people to letting us in here, but here we are, 30 years later, joke’s on us! ” Dropkick murphys takes its name from an alcohol rehabilitation center with a storied history. “In the first years of the band, when only our friends would wear our shirts, they’d be walking around the beach in the summertime and some old timer would come up to them and(Ask)’Where did you get that shirt? !’ and they’d be like,’You’ve heard of the band?’ and they’d be like,’The band?No, my father would always threaten us that if we didn’t we didn’t behave ourselves, he’d take us to dropkick murphy’s!'” While the band has achieved many milestones,”To be able to walk on stage every day and have people in front of it, singing the words you’ve written or co written back at you, that’s an amazing feeling.That’s what kind of propels us along and keeps us going. ” It was no surprise that the band sang i’m shipping up to boston as its penultimate number.That has become a theme song for boston sports teams and was used in the boston based film the departed.Still, cheap louis vuitton the closing number might have surprised some people.It was dirty deeds done cheap by that famous celtic band from down under:Ac/dc. Unhappy about the rays:As liverpool natives, indie rock trio the wombats are no strangers to rain, but they don’t take as kindly to the sun. “We were in a tent, which was fortunate, because it was midday.But if we were outside, we wouldn’t be here,”Says the wombats percussionist dan haggis. “We would have disintegrated into a pile of ash! “Jokes lead singer matthew murphy.

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Coachella day 2 draws out the stars After spending the afternoon at various pool parties and cookouts, the stars at coachella slowly but surely converged at the empire ralph lauren outlet uk polo club concert grounds in indio, california on saturday(April 14). Among those enjoying drinks and conversation amidst the music were a ball cap wearing rihanna, along with skin baring gals such as a sheer n’ sexy katy ralph lauren italia perry, actress teresa palmer and a bikini top clad paris hilton who was alongside one of the festival’s performers, dj afrojack. Meanwhile, stacy”Fergie”Ferguson strolled around the lively venue with her actor ralph lauren pas cher homme hubby josh duhamel as former mtv reality star lauren conrad got a lift(Literally)From colton haynes. Other coachella concertgoers during day two saw kate bosworth getting comfy with beau michael polish, as well as former”Oc”Star mischa barton, playboy beauty holly madison,”Twilight”Hunk kellan lutz, 30 seconds to mars rocker jared leto, johnny hallyday and laeticia boudou. With plenty of big names included in the saturday lineup, a few of the countless bands taking the stage included the kaiser chiefs, noel gallagher’s high flying birds, the shins, kasabian, bon iver and radiohead.Katy says she was raised cheap christian louboutin a ‘christian’ but her actions betray her. Related contentrage against the machine rages against bush at coachella music festivalthe 2011 louis vuitton uk coachella music festival lineup is finally unveiledkristen stewart turns up at coachella music festival10 best bands to see at coachellakristen stewart and dakota fanning:Coachella bound?Coachella music arts festival returns to its roots in 2011katy perry teenage dream album review.

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Coachella 2013 weekend 1 review It’s impossible to see everything coachella has to offer, so here is one slice of my weekend, taken note for note from the moment i stepped into the festival until i passed out in my tent.Saturday’s review cheap ralph lauren is here and sunday’s review is here. My friday started with the clown prince of electronic dance music, dillon francis.He is a dj for the tumblr generation, using gifs, memes, and various other internet jokes to bring his audience.He stuck close to his moombahton allegiance, showcasing a subgenre of the future amidst a crowd addicted to”Heavy drops. “He had a rough slot, playing at 2:30 on the first day, but he benefited from having a huge crowd that was eager to unleash their year long craving to party.He even brought out tupacwell, a cardboard cutout of tupac, that then crowd surfed to ralph lauren polo the tune of”California love. “His set was excellent, covering the span of his catalog and including a few fun samples and cover along the way.His visuals were plucked straight from a 90’s geocities page, with dancing gifs showing francis’ face affixed to cats, burritos, and various pop artists. The broken social scene venn diagram crossed over the main stage, as stars and metric played back to back on a warm afternoon.Stars’ finale had the crowd hopping in the heat, but singer amy millan was showing some real skill by jumping in high heels.Metric had a wave of fans rush the stage, cheering for the band’s performance, and the band did the worst thing possible:Played the super slow”Artificial nocturne”.The fans went from jubilant to silent as all of the energy was drained from the polo field.Hopefully the set picked up, but i, along with most of the crowd, took off to see something much better. Coachella loves their indie brit pop and alt j ralph lauren polo pas cher may have been the best of that creed at the festival.The uber nerdy semi prog was the catchiest and grooviest set of the weekend, as the quartet played nearly their entire debut album an awesome wave.Their bass was slinkier than eel spit, the synths were crunchier than deep fried pork rinds, and singer joe newman emerged as the most exciting”Comfortable in his own skin”Frontman since black francis.They never missed a beat and kept the audience enraptured the entire time. I caught the final moments of of monsters and men playing an outdoor set in the heat.The sound suffered from wind but the band persevered and delivered a powerful finale.I stopped to grab an ultimate grilled cheese from los angeles’ own mangler’s meltdown, one of a few food trucks available in the revamped beer garden.It was time to head back to christian louboutin shoes camp in order to change and get ready for the chilly desert weather. The first act i headed back for was dog blood, the twin stick shooter of skrillex and boys noize.Their simplistic approach of old school electronica and fast breaks probably surprised some of the younger crowd, not knowing what the detroit style of edm did for up and coming producers, but it was refreshing to hear two of the biggest guys in the industry not just play a ton of singles or radio jams.From there it was over to yeah yeah yeahs, a co headliner on the main stage.Karen o came out dressed like the pope on acid and performed nearly the same way.She captures the audience’s attention almost instantly and never lets it go.Her voice is sharp, her moves are her own, and she still carries all of the intensity she did during her nefarious drunken performance days, just without all of the pre gaming. Friday’s finale was tough, with tons of stellar artists playing all over the polo fields.I chose to see band of horses, modestep, and bassnectar, sneaking various glances at both purity ring and how to destroy angels.Band of horses played an amazing set a few years ago and started this set off nearly the same way, with great intensity and care on the outdoor theatre.I had never heard of modestep, but the british live dubstep band put on a fantastic performance in the sahara, really utilizing all of the visual space and excessive bass.They reminded me of pendulum, who no longer exists but put on a similarly stunning performance years prior.Their blend of dubstep and heavy metal was refreshing amongst a sea of untz’.Bassnectar was potentially the true headliner of friday, as more people were crammed in that tent than anywhere else on the grounds.He chose a more low key setlist, playing only a few of the noticeable tracks from his last cheap louis vuitton bags few albums and stuck with more of a driving beat the entire time.Gone were the flashy remixes of well known rock and hip hop tunes and in their place was a singular vision for how to get an entire town’s worth of people to dance.It worked, even if it was not as excellent as some recent solo bassnectar shows.

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